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 Probate Law

We know how stressful and difficult winding up the affairs of a family member can be. We can help in many ways. An initial no-fee consultation should be scheduled with us to answer your questions and provide direction. Sometimes there are legal issues for which solutions for these matters may require more work. In all cases, we will explain the process, discuss and formulate an action plan to accomplish the goals of our client’s and keep them informed each step of the way. Providing information and answering questions is an essential first step in helping families deal with probate or estate matters.

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 Estate Planning

Implementing an estate plan today can eliminate many family disputes simply by taking the time to accurately and effectively spell out your intent through legally binding documents. The most important of which is your last will and testament and a revocable trust. It is simply amazing that the majority of people just don’t do it. They don’t want to think about death or disability and often just avoid the subject until it is too late. The simplest estate plan should consist of a Will, Revocable Trust, Durable Power of Attorney, Medical Authorizations and a Living Will. For a living revocable trust to be properly funded you may also need transfer documents to assign title to the trustee. A simple plan such as this can legally resolve so many issues and should be the foundation of every adult regardless of age or health

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 Business law

Every business owner should have an attorney they can depend upon for sound legal advice and representation. If you are an Arizona business owner or individual seeking to form a business or seeking advice in connection with your business, Mr. Abood has the experience to guide you. Mr. Abood has an extensive background with business ownership and operations.  That experience coupled with his corporate and real estate transactional uniquely qualifies him to advise you with respect to your business legal matters with expertise and thoroughness.

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 Drunk Driving Defense

A drunk driving (DUI) offense is serious.  These cases are complex and the consequences of a DUI conviction are permanent and sometimes devastating. It cannot be expunged and the conviction permanently remains on your criminal record and driving record. In other words, a DUI conviction is a lifetime commitment.

The expenses and court costs associated with a DUI conviction are substantial. It is important to fight a DUI charge and do everything possible to resolve it with a non-criminal offense or a dismissal. It is critical to know your legal rights and be guided by an experienced DUI Defense Lawyer. A good DUI lawyer will defend your rights from arrest through final resolution. Your quality of life may depend on it.

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