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Advising the business owner in Arizona

Every business owner should have a business law attorney they can depend upon for sound legal advice and representation. Business owners take great risk when they take it upon themselves to write their own contracts, especially when they are long term, high-capital contracts.   If you are now, or are soon to be an Arizona business owner in need of a trusted advisor to help minimize risks to your business, Jim Abood has the right experience to guide you. He has owned and operated businesses and understands the business challenges and opportunities.  That business background coupled with his extensive corporate and real estate transactional experience uniquely qualifies him to advise you on your legal matters with expertise and thoroughness.

Business Law Formation and Contracts

How you set up your company & what contracts you use will have a profound impact on your company’s success. We provide advice and guide you on the type of entity for your business and can prepare all formation documents.

Contracts form the basis of all your business relationships with your partners, employees, contractors, & clients. These must be carefully drafted to serve your unique needs & protect your interests. We can negotiate, review, or draft any of the following contracts: Business formation documents including operating agreements and corporate bylaws, buy-sell agreements, employment contracts, contracts for independent contractors, non-compete agreements, non-solicitation agreements, non-disclosure agreements, & other custom contracts.  We can also create a contract template that can be used in your business for recurring transactions.

We handle a wide range of business, including:

  • Commercial Leases
  • Contract Negotiations, Drafting, and Review
  • Business formation
  • Business consulting
  • Real Estate Law
  • Licensing

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Contact our office at 602-952-9000 or by e-mail at info@aboodlawaz.com. We will be pleased to meet with you, review your circumstances, answer questions, and discuss how we can help you.