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DUI Defense in Arizona

A drunk driving (DUI) offense is serious. A DUI Defense Lawyer can help with these complex cases. The consequences of a DUI conviction are permanent and sometimes devastating. It cannot be expunged and the conviction permanently remains on your criminal record and driving record. In other words, a DUI conviction is a lifetime commitment.

The expenses and court costs associated with a DUI conviction are substantial. It is important to fight a DUI charge and do everything possible to resolve it with a non-criminal offense or a dismissal.  It is critical to know your legal rights and be guided by an experienced DUI Defense Lawyer. A good DUI lawyer will defend your rights from arrest through final resolution. Your quality of life may depend on it.

9 Ways to Fight and Possibly Win Your DUI Defense Case

The list of expenses and the strength of BAC evidence may deter you from hiring a DUI attorney. However, even if a lawyer can’t help you avoid a conviction, they can save you time and money in other ways, such as:

  • Appearing in court for you or with you.
  • Advising you of the best course of action for your circumstances, such as what kind of plea to enter.
  • Filing the right paperwork.

Overall, your lawyer’s expertise can keep you from making mistakes that could cost you even more and give you the confidence that your case is being handled in the best way possible.

As your attorney, I represent you in court and advocate on your behalf.  I will gather information and evidence about your case and review it thoroughly to establish your strongest defense. This includes analyzing the medical and scientific data, speaking with witnesses, examining the police reports, and negotiating with the prosecutor.

Once I’ve analyzed the evidence in your case, I will meet with you to review my findings, defense strategies, and any plea bargain offers.  Together we determine the best way to proceed.

Depending on the facts and circumstances of a DUI defense case, we examine whether one or more of the following 9 challenges apply:

  1. Lack of Reasonable Suspicion for Stop (unlawful stop)
  2. Lack of Probable Cause for Arrest
  3. Miranda rights Violations
  4. Field Sobriety Tests and their validity can and should be attacked
  5. Chemical Test Validity Problems
  6. Breathalyzer calibration
  7. Breathalyzer maintenance
  8. Officer Qualifications and Opinions
  9. Blood test timing and contamination issue

A weakness in the prosecution’s case is a strength to our case which helps me negotiate the most favorable plea bargain or dismissal. Recall that the prosecutor is not obligated by law to offer a plea bargain. Even when a plea is offered it takes a lot of work and favorable facts to get them to budge from the original plea offer. This is one area where an attorney is essential.

Ultimately we want to do everything we can to get your case dismissed through various motions and other less formal means. If I can’t convince the prosecutor or judge to dismiss the case based on a sound factual or legal basis, I negotiate the best plea I can under your specific set of facts and the particular prosecuting agency involved.

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